2. Lost Nightmare is back after a little break last week!

    Page 14 is up on Smackjeeves

    Page 21 is up on Inkblazers


  3. New Lost Nightmare page is up!
    Page 13 on Smackjeeves
    and page 20 on Inkblazers


  4. Crying Jasper baby all the way~
    Page 11 on Smackjeeves and
    Page 18 on Inkblazers


  5. I love making my children cry!
    Page 10 is up on Smackjeeves.
    Page 17 is up on Inkblazers.


  6. vendrinn:

    Lost Nightmare is so quaint and charming… I love the colors so much. You guys should really give it a gander and check out the artists’ tumblr. =3

    Lost Nightmare

    The Tumblr page

    Oh, a nice compilation of pages. Thanks!


  7. New update schedule!! New page every Wednesday and Friday (Central European time) until chapter 3 ends!
    Page 9 is up on Smackjeeves 
    Page 16 is up on Inkblazers

    New readers start here(Inkblazers) or here(Smackjeeves)


  8. candyculler:

    loved the character designs from this webcomic so yeah fanart

    Aaah, so happy when people draw Miss Doll!!! Thank you <3


  9. procrasti8:

    I drew Ink because he’s such an adorable character. He’s from the comic “Lost Nightmare” and http://miyuli.tumblr.com is his creator. ^u^)

    Aww, he has stars in his eyes! That’s so cute ;3;


  10. I’m sorry it has been such a long while!
    Here are two new Lost Nightmare pages up on Smackjeeves!
    New readers start here