1. New Lost Nightmare page is up!
    Page 13 on Smackjeeves
    and page 20 on Inkblazers


  2. Crying Jasper baby all the way~
    Page 11 on Smackjeeves and
    Page 18 on Inkblazers


  3. I love making my children cry!
    Page 10 is up on Smackjeeves.
    Page 17 is up on Inkblazers.


  4. vendrinn:

    Lost Nightmare is so quaint and charming… I love the colors so much. You guys should really give it a gander and check out the artists’ tumblr. =3

    Lost Nightmare

    The Tumblr page

    Oh, a nice compilation of pages. Thanks!


  5. New update schedule!! New page every Wednesday and Friday (Central European time) until chapter 3 ends!
    Page 9 is up on Smackjeeves 
    Page 16 is up on Inkblazers

    New readers start here(Inkblazers) or here(Smackjeeves)


  6. candyculler:

    loved the character designs from this webcomic so yeah fanart

    Aaah, so happy when people draw Miss Doll!!! Thank you <3


  7. procrasti8:

    I drew Ink because he’s such an adorable character. He’s from the comic “Lost Nightmare” and http://miyuli.tumblr.com is his creator. ^u^)

    Aww, he has stars in his eyes! That’s so cute ;3;


  8. I’m sorry it has been such a long while!
    Here are two new Lost Nightmare pages up on Smackjeeves!
    New readers start here


  9. miyuli:

    These started out as that palette meme thingy since Ink and Jasper have been requested a lot (thank you so much!!) but I kind of cheated and used more colours… I will probably print these as cards!

    Ink and Jasper from my webcomic Lost Nightmare.


  10. mimiicrafts:

    Okay so the last time I made something was in January so I’m getting back into the flow. This is my first time ever making a human form specifically a child so I know it looks pretty bad. I hope to improve in the future so I’m trying to stay optimistic!

    This character is from a webcomic called “Lost Nightmare” by Miyuli


    Lost Nightmare

    Hnnnggg, I feel like I’m getting closer to my dream of LN merchandise! XD I think this looks amazing! Better than anything I could build orz And he’s so cute! Tiny ink!!!