1. I’m sorry it has been such a long while!
    Here are two new Lost Nightmare pages up on Smackjeeves!
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  2. miyuli:

    These started out as that palette meme thingy since Ink and Jasper have been requested a lot (thank you so much!!) but I kind of cheated and used more colours… I will probably print these as cards!

    Ink and Jasper from my webcomic Lost Nightmare.


  3. mimiicrafts:

    Okay so the last time I made something was in January so I’m getting back into the flow. This is my first time ever making a human form specifically a child so I know it looks pretty bad. I hope to improve in the future so I’m trying to stay optimistic!

    This character is from a webcomic called “Lost Nightmare” by Miyuli


    Lost Nightmare

    Hnnnggg, I feel like I’m getting closer to my dream of LN merchandise! XD I think this looks amazing! Better than anything I could build orz And he’s so cute! Tiny ink!!!


    One page on Smackjeeves
    And two pages on Inkblazers 
    On Inkblazers you can read up to page 15 of chapter 3!


  5. Anonymous said: Hi I love your webcomic. Its really nice. I was wondering why is Jasper's left eye black?

    Thank you very much for reading my webcomic! That is a very good question! It’s also one of the keys to this story so I can’t tell you why D: You will have to see and find out for yourself in chapter 6 :>


  6. Two new pages are up on Smackjeeves!

    You can read 6 more pages on Inkblazers.


  7. thepaphianone said: I love the flash version of chapter one on deviantart. Any plans to do this for chapter two/three?

    Yes, I do plan on uploading the rest as flash files on deviantart! I just haven’t found the time to do it yet orz


  8. lonelynmisunderstood said: When will the pages be updated to the website?

    There is a 2 months subscription wall but 2 pages of the 8 pages I uploaded will be unlocked every week! So the next pages will be unlocked on April 30 (I think).


  9. Read 8 new Lost Nightmare pages on Inkblazers!

    You can only read them when you have a subscription. If you are a normal user there will be two new pages every week!


  10. twisted-dreaming:

    I’ve recently fallen in love with Lost Nightmare.  Ink is such a cutie pie!

    Ooh, this is such a nice idea! Thank you for reading Lost Nightmare <3

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